Tuesday, December 9, 2008

sweaty hands, cold feet~

I woke up this morning to the disappointing sensation that it is muggy outside...not cold and crisp...but instead wet, mid 70’s, and muggy...hello, isn’t this December...do I not see Christmas lights...then why the spring temp’s...I have a love affair with the cold weather...I look forward to it with my hands to my eyes squinting against the cooling days...just waiting for those low temps to move in! We have been teased with a few, but they float away overnight...and then we wake up to days like today. I long to get up in the very early morning,while it is still dark out and read in the quiet, cold, dark of my house...it really is the darkest time of day…after cold nights, when I walk down the stairs I literally feel the temperature go from heat to mid 50’s...we all sleep upstairs so we turn off the heat downstairs... I keep a heating pad by the chair where I read, and I slip it in my robe, crank it up to high, and warm up with a strong, steaming cup of coffee. When I head to the kitchen to refill my cup, I just unplug the cord from the wall and drag it along like an IV...in ten minutes my hands are sweating, but my feet are still cold...The coffee....a necessity...I can’t decide what I am more in love with – the coffee or the ritual of drinking it...but either way it feels like a dear old friend...I think I would name each cup if it wouldn’t be so weird to then drink it...but then again, my grandmother used to name each green bean as I ate them...hmmm...anyway... I am looking forward to it getting even colder in January and February...those months host some of the coldest days of the year here and I actually feel a tinge of sadness when the warmer days start moving back in...when the heavy blanket gets put away, and the walk downstairs feels a little warmer... but for now, I am welcoming the cold fronts that push out fall temps and usher in the need for gloves, scarves, tissues, crock pots, coffee and of course a heating pad.

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