Sunday, December 7, 2008

nose to the tapestry~

Well, I have just started a blog...never really understood what blogs were, not sure I do now...but none the less I have begun one!

I've decided to call this blog "Nose to the Tapestry" because that is what I think much of my life is...each day what I see is like looking at a giant tapestry with my nose pressed right up against it...only grasping a small glimpse...a blurry spot on some days...a confusing configuration on others, a little glimpse of a little part of this huge tapestry that is LIFE...weaved with threads that go back generations and reach out through relationships.....made of weavings that represent days, moments, people and memories that make up the "life that happens here."

To me, right now...being so "close to it" it just looks like threads...many colors going in many different directions. Some match and some don't...some days I think, why that color, and why there...but I have to believe that it is because I cannot see the whole thing... and each thread, whatever the color and placement, is weaving together to create something worthy...and I have to hope and believe that it is something bigger and grander than I am or my family is...

I also have to believe that one day we will be able to step back and see it all...this entire tapestry and understand every 'unmatching' thread and each "blurry configuration" and see this thing from a proper distance...brilliant and beautiful...but until I am ....nose to the tapestry...beginning a blog about moments and in my in my that happens here! and I am as excited as ever!

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Anonymous said...

That is just beautiful. You have such a way with words! Will you write my first novel for me? You can be my 'ghost writer'.