Saturday, December 31, 2011

a year of here ~

~ Two Thousand and Twelve~ A year of Here ~
~ 10 renewals ~
1) Be Grateful – make gratitude purposeful and focused. Make a mental and written list of what I am grateful for and work to miss nothing.
2) Lean in & Reach out– commit NOT to live peripherally ~ pay attention to where I am and who I am with when I am there in the moment...listening, looking, thinking, responding, considering each decision despite the real and relational, always allowing for the “Kingdom” moments. Reach out and be available for relationships that are real, honest, open and transparent.
3) Simplify – travel lightly...don’t buy, don’t want, don’t wish for...focus on only what I need and be satisfied with what I have. Slough off the unnecessary whenever possible. Lighten the load in all things, all areas, all places...
4) Give – Find ways to help to those in need, look for them, find them, go to them, see them as God does... help my kids see them as God sees them and foster in my children a desire for benevolence without judgment...Do this sacrificially.
5) Be still & obey...daily – find the early morning space a time to seek God and his will for my life on a daily basis...surrender to the plans he lays out for me each morning and follow them...pray big and live bigger. This will involve surrendering my need for the approval of man.
6) Pursue peace – don’t allow anxiety, tension, worry, or concern to take up too much real estate in my mind or my sleep.
7) Learn –re-read 1000 gifts, Gates of Splendor, The biography of George Muller, Grace Based Parents, Etc...
8) Live out patience – learn to respond instead of react... practice it with my children, my husband, my time, my mouth and my this in the small and in the big...wait for all things with heart of gratitude and hopefulness...
9) Teach – never miss opportunities to teach, display, show, exemplify Christ, God’s word, and principles, to my children...when necessary use words...allow for focused times of devotion, teaching , and open communication with the family.
10) Filter Love– filter love for others first through Christ’s love for me allowing me to love my Jeff, my kids, my home, my friends more fully, more sacrificially, more obediently, and more focused...

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Kathy S. Runyon said...

#7 sounds intriguing indeed! Elizabeth Elliot has been one I reread regularly. This will be a year of revisiting Keep a Quiet Heart by her and diving into 1000 Gifts for me among others. It' would be nice to compare notes sometime.