Saturday, December 13, 2008

priorities ~

One night we were having dinner and when we asked Fisher about his day he proceeds to tell us the following... “Bailey (the girl who sits next to him in class – we hear a lot about her) told me that Abby likes me, and so I told Bailey to tell Abby that I like her back…and then she then told me that Alexia likes me too, and so I told Bailey to tell Alexia that I like her back too…I can like them both…right?” Jeff and I respond (quite dumbfounded, but reaction-less) “What do you mean when you say they “like you??” He answers (as if that was a dumb question) “you know…like, they want to marry me!” Jeff and I respond... (Again reaction-less) “Well do you want to marry them?” his answer…”hmm, not sure yet, depends how much they like animals” ~smart kid~

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