Wednesday, February 4, 2009

beth moore was my roommate ~

So, you know those questions you get asked from time to time..."If you could choose from anyone in the world...Who would you have over for dinner?...who would you want for your best friend?...etc."  Well, my answer is very easy and requires very little thought time...Beth Moore...

Every time I see her on a new teaching video, I actually get butterflies (weird, I know)..., and I find myself leaning in closer and closer to the screen to just get some clue, some hint as to how she does it. Like a kid would study Andre Johnson play football, I too, study how she teaches... like for example, last week she kept pulling little sticky notes off of a piece of paper  and moving them around.So, I got lost in thought about what was on all those sticky notes...a verse...a personal story... a joke??? What was it? I even said something out loud once without even realizing it to the woman next to me... I leaned over and said “what is she doing with the sticky notes?” and she said, “What sticky notes?”   ha...well...this is how it is with Beth and me, and I love it.

I am writing this because just last week on Tuesday night I had a funny dream about Beth. In my dream we were both on some kind of Ladies weekend retreat. And, somehow she was my roommate. Obviously, this makes no sense, but wow, this dream was so real. I don't remember much about the details of the dream, but I do remember that it was a was fun, funny and inspiring all at the same time. I woke up and told my husband that I had just met Beth Moore. He looked confused...but that's par for us ~ 

So, the funny thing is that yesterday, I got a text from a friend who works at Beth’s grandson’s preschool. She told me that Beth Moore had just dropped off her grandson...“BUTTERFLIES,” was all I could text back.  She responded by offering me a "chance" to see her at 2:30 when she came back up to pick him up.

But, 2:30 came and went, and my “chance” went with it. The way I see it, you cannot manufacture a dream...And a dream of mine is to meet her (ok...and like maybe have dinner with her...and like maybe be besties...).  And when I say meet her, I don't mean because of some synthetic chance that came from a tip in the form of a text from a friend who has her grandson in a local preschool. 

You see, for some reason, since my dream, I feel a bit differently about who she is and how much I admire her. I love the passion she has for women and scripture and her "man",  but something else hit me... I have complete, unwavering confidence that someday we will get that meeting, and it won’t be by chance. 

Because...Wow...We get to share eternity together! And I believe there we will get to talk at great length about all the things we love...about scripture, and history, and learning, and Jesus and the prophets, and prayer, and studying...and more studying..., and obeying, and "our men," and motherhood, and mostly women...precious women, women we teach, women we love and women we pray truth finds...OH...and I will finally learn what she does with all the stick notes ~ soooo....until then, I still hope with all my heart to run into her this side of Heaven, but if not, then, I will be content with simply bunking with her on a random retreat in my was a blast, after all!

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Richardsons of HV said...

I know you will meet her one day! :)