Tuesday, February 3, 2009

effort counts for something, right? ~

I love making plans, lists, categorizing...so the idea of new years goals is heavenly..At the end of each year I set aside some time to "fine tune"...I divide my life up into categories and evaluate how I am doing in each of those areas...then I think of a few "un-overwhelming" ways to tweak those areas a bit in order to be moving forward in each...so as not to be stagnant. The way I see it, if I don't evaluate I'll never learn where I am stagnant, ya know...to some this list might seem overwhelming, but it is just a personal evaluation...I don't have a "paid-job" but this is the same kind of thing they do in the business world...right??? So, why not do a year end evaluation in my own private world...ya know! Anyway, most of the list involves "reading something" because I am an addicted learner, and I think that learning is the key to improving...knowing how. So that is really what most of the areas consist of...something to read rather than do...but my hope is that once I read, I will then "do" what I have learned. So having said that...T These are my "Goals for 2009!" As far as when I find the time to read all of this...usually in the a.m. between 5 - 7 or in the bed at night before going to sleep...I never read during the day...I can't find the time...oh, and just like with every list in my life...much will get pushed to the next list...2010...but hey, effort counts for something right?

2009 New Year Goals

Spiritual Goals –

Scripture memory ~ larger chunks (Beginning with Psalm 23, and Psalm 91)

Read He that is spiritual - Chafer

Read The Divine Conspiracy - Willard

Read The spirit of the disciplines - Willard

Physical Goals -

Vitamins – (Jeff sets them out for me every day, and I never take them.)

Brush teeth before bed - I know this one seems odd, but too many nights I just brush past the bathroom and b-line straight for the bed.

Skin care regiment - Hello...40 is not that far.

Personal Goals –

Read The Biography of George Muller

Read Through the gates of splendor - Elliot

Read Biography of Eric Lidell

(I would like to focus on amazing acts of others)

Watch College Football

Learn and understand photoshop and get a SLR Camera (I was motivated by the pictures we had taken in November - I don't want to go into business, just capture the great moments of life in my house as it happens...I thought...if she (the photographer can do this, I can do this...not always the case with everything, but worth a try)

Social Goals –

Keep up better with my girlfriends by initiating more phone calls - I get on auto pilot way too much...I can forget to look up!

Service Goals –

I want to make our support of Village Schools International in Tanzania more infused into our family through pictures,(one is shown above) and reading the ministry updates to the family.

Family Service projects

Marital Goals –

Re-read The Excellent Wife – Peace

Read The Love Dare

Continue bi-monthly date nights w/ sitter

Parenting Goals –

Read Raising Kids that turn out rightKimmal

Re-read Being a Great mom raising great kids - Jaynes

Re-read Grace based parentingKimmal

Memorize our family blueprint and teach it to our children...infuse it into our home(I will list the blue print here)

Camping – do it (twice next year)

Scripture memory w/ kids

Daily devotionals with kids

Family meeting/devos - short and sweet - once a week!

Fantasy Goal -

meet and become good friends with Beth Moore

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