Monday, July 13, 2009

do we need all ten fingers anyway? ~

We have just returned home from our family's annual beach trip. Every year at the beach is magical for us. Some are mountain people, some are city folk, some our hill country people, we are beach people...we just become one with the sun, sand and water and find ourselves lost in all that exists there. Fisher swims so far out into the waves. As I watch him, I hold my breath and pray, all the while relishing his fearlessness like an honor that manifests itself in a generous smile and a furrowed brow.

This year was an unusually perfect week at the beach. I am beginning to believe that the Lord drops down unusual nature incidents for Fisher and laughs as he watches as it all unfold...This trip Fisher caught a Shovel head ray, a sea snail, a crab, and multiple small fish (with a casting net) and a shark...yes, a shark.

The ray was found itself somewhat stuck in the shallow waters of the surf and Fisher without hesitation grabbed it up with his hands and immediately drew a crowd. He became a pied piper of sorts on the beach, but instead of a pipe, he carried a sea creature. Everyone looked, some touched, and a brave few asked to hold, and then Fisher graciously sent it back to the ocean while whispering a prayer of thanks for such an awesome find.

The shark incident was one I was absent for (a big regret of mine) because I was up making Adeline lunch in the condo...but here is how the story goes as reported by all the viewers. A man was fishing off the shore where Fisher and his friends were swimming in the waves and he caught the baby bonnet head shark. Fisher saw him reeling it in and ran over to see what he caught. Upon realization that it was a small shark the man cut it lose, and it began to swim back out into the waves. Fisher followed it and eventually pounced on it and pulled it out of the water to show Jeff. He was holding it from the belly (near the mouth) with one hand and by the tail with the other, and it was squirming around trying to bite him. Jeff, wisely told him to hold it by the tail so as not to lose a finger. He took both hands and held it up by the tail and everyone crowded around to have a look and then he threw it back into the water whispering another prayer...his first shark catch, but most certainly not the last I am sure!

Often I am asked, why...why do we as his parents let him approach and worse, handle such mystery creatures....well, I have no "satisfactory" answer except that God has given me certain peace about Fishers uncanny familiarity with "wildlife." Fisher has no "fear filter" when it comes to God's creatures, but he does use a filter of wisdom and Jeff and I have both observed it in action. For example, he will not catch a snake he knows is poisonous and he would not have attempted to catch a shark twice his size...if he thinks death is even an option then he refrains, but simply losing a finger might be worth the adventure. He has caught countless number of insects, reptiles, amphibians, animals, birds, and now sea creatures that we have literally lost count.

God formed children with unique bents and specific designs that manifest themselves in their tolerances, passions and interests...I am convinced of knowing that God made Fisher unique in that way, Jeff and I sit back and watch it all unfold...and sometimes it is just unbelievable the things he drops into our lap, our back yard, our neighborhood bayou, and our oceans right in front of Fisher as if He is saying, "here little buddy, this one is from me to you, enjoy, I made all of this for your pleasure!"

As a mom, it takes a great deal of calm, decisive allowance, but the journey is so much fun, and so very worth it... and as crazy as it sounds, I have come to terms with the fact that Fisher does not, in fact, need all ten fingers..

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Jennifer said...

You're back from your trip and back to the blogging world. Yippee!!