Monday, December 15, 2008

shooting stars ~

This morning I was reading about looking for God’s activity in our lives with the idea that his activity “is always” present, as opposed to the idea that He just “shows up” every once in a while. As I was reading, it dawned on me that sometimes I expect to see God the way I would expect to see a shooting “wow, did you see that!” But I think that is all wrong...I think I should really be expecting to see God’s activity in my life in the same way I would walk outside after dark and expect to see the stars in the sky...they are there...they are always there..brilliant and beautiful...yet, most nights, I fail to take notice of them at all. Maybe I would see God more regularly if I quit looking for that one, rare, shooting star and saw his presence in the millions and millions of stars that I can see every night...I am challenged to expect to see his manifestation in the many ways that he “always is,” without waiting for some “wow, did you see that!” moment. Like the stars, how much am I missing that he is already doing? I want my eyes to be open to God in and all around, this morning I prayed that he would take away the “shooting star” marvel of his activity, and I am going to expect to see him in the marvel of the stars in my life that are always present, always shining, all around me.

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