Sunday, January 11, 2009

25 random things ~

My friend tagged me to write this on facebook, but I thought it would be fun to post here it is...

25 Random Things ~ by Laura

1. My alarm goes off every morning at 4:45 ~ from 5 - 7 is one of my favorite times of the day.

2. I love to wear pearls...with anything...a t-shirt and jeans to Wal-mart, and I still feel "girly" in my pearls.

3. I love where I live, I never want to move, and I want to grow old and die right here in my house an old woman (might need to move the master down)

4. I used to want to grow up to be the first lady, and deep down inside I envy them.

5. I sang in a band in college – we sang in bars and at Greek functions, and made good money – two guys and me ~ our name was “We’re Not Dating”

6. I have been in love with my husband since I was 15...seriously...can hardly remember my past without him. He says he married me because I laughed at him, and I say I married him because he made me laugh....still does.

7. I am a ridiculous creature of habit, ritual and routine! I park in the same parking spot at the grocery store, I will only buy my daughter purple crocs, I sit in the same seats at church, I will only clean my house on Monday’s, wine at 5:00, I won’t make my bed on Sunday’s, errands on Wednesdays...the list goes on and on and on and on...seriously...on and on.

8. I love to study and research just about anything...Someday I would love to teach/share the stuff I am learning... mostly history, scripture, and random unknown why they put the word FISH in big letters on the back of trucks, or why our teeth chatter when it is cold.

9. I MUST laugh several times a day...laughter is medicinal, and necessary... life is funny and should be laughed at much and often lest one become cantankerous, judgmental and captious!!! (Refer to #6)

10. I have a love affair with coffee...and I think that a sonic diet coke and a trip to Target can cure almost any mood.

11. Commercials, movies, or sitcoms with any form of gratuitous physical comedy makes me laugh until I cry and my stomach aches...then I rewind it and do it all again...

12. I think Jesus of Nazareth is the original maverick, and just truly the most amazing person that ever lived and I can’t learn enough about him, but I hope to live my life trying. I love Him. (Phil 3:10)

13. I broke my collar bone falling into a handicapped toilet side rail in a department store. (I tell no lie.)

14. I love my kids in ways I could never pen....having them makes me feel like I have won the lottery...every day...

15. I would like to work on listening more and talking less...I am HORRIBLE at interrupting...I even interrupt myself sometimes, and who knows how much wisdom I have missed because I hardly let people finish their thoughts.

16. I resist the temptation to run everywhere...into the grocery store, into the pre-school, through parking lots, I tell myself “Don’t run, Laura, that is weird”

17. In 2006, Jeff left a family business and sold cars for a living while looking for another job, it was the hardest year of our lives, but also the sweetest and one of the most meaningful.

18. My family is deeply rooted in Texas history...My Grandfather ran for governor of Texas and lost to Wilbert Lee O’Daniel, in 1938, and he went on in polotics to retire as the Assistant Attorney General of Texas, and my grandmother is a Fannin as in Colonel James Fannin's from the battle at Goliad.

19. I have taught my kids to repeat to me on command “mom, you are so cool, you are cooler than cool, you are the origin of all coolness.” It comes in handy when they really want something they don’t deserve...I just say... “What do you say????”

20.I know every word to Alanis Morissette’s album “Jagged Little Pill” and I “might” have been known to lip-sync it on numerous occasions, using a cordless phone as a microphone.

21.My least favorite personality trait in a person is pretentiousness, and I teach my kids that “Everyone’s workin’ on something.”

22. I have a thing about nostalgic smells and as a result, I will never switch that when my children smell it they think of me, and always will.

23. I get the hiccups every time I eat rice...every...single...time...

24. I was a high school cheerleader, and I can still do the KHS school song, and “may” have been known to put on my cheerleading uniform and perform it for my children.

25. I love clip boards ~ I’m just sayin’

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The Bearded Lady said...

I LOVE it you big Rando!! My fave comment and one I am totally stealing is, Jesus is the original Maverick. Awesome!!!