Tuesday, January 6, 2009

investments ~

A couple of years ago I studied about the relationship between Paul and Timothy. I learned that what attracted Paul to Timothy in the first place was his knowledge of the scriptures, in combination with his sincere faith, and he was so impressed that he called Timothy into service with him. So, I did a little research on Jewish culture and found, “It was the glory of the Jews that their children from their earliest days were trained in the law. They claimed that their children learned the law from their swaddling clothes and drank it in with their mother’s milk…the law was so imprinted on their heart and mind of a Jewish child that he would sooner forget his own name that he would forget the law…” Then I began to think of myself… I have spent so much time, energy and money getting my children "ready." Before school started this year, I took my son shopping and we bought him new “cool” clothes and new “awesome” tennis shoes...Tennis shoes that he currently wears to his weekly tennis lessons...so that he will be able and "ready" to play as an adult...gotta have the option...right...I tell myself it is an investment for his future. I bought him a new racquet and some tennis balls, and I pray that he sticks with the drills long enough to learn how to play. Little Adeline, same thing...I am currently teaching her all the letters and their sounds...she's gotta be "ready"...right? Just last week I signed her up for ballet, and she just finished a semester of gymnastics...that is just what you do ...right..to get the "ready."

Being sure my children are "ready" for things…like school, sports, a social life, college, a career is fine and necessary…but, I wonder, am I as focused on equipping them for their higher calling…in fact, their highest calling? Am is focused on them knowing the scriptures, knowing God and His attributes, knowing what we believe in light of what others would love for them to believe, knowing Christ as Lord of their life!

As I think of Paul and Timothy I wonder…who will be attracted to my children’s character and faith, and understanding of spiritually deep things...who will be impressed enough to remember them and call upon them…what qualities and knowledge am I instilling in them that will draw people to them…people like Paul was drawn to Timothy… drawn into their lives because of their spiritual character…to minister to them and lead them deeper into life’s journey...deeper into what they are being equipped for...deeper into their calling.

Sooo....do we quit tennis and dance? Do we drop letter memorization...do we forget about the school clothes??? I don’t think so, not now, that is not the point...but I am convicted to rise up in my children another kind of "ready"...spiritual readiness!!! I am convicted to equip them with knowledge and a love for the scriptures like Timothy’s mother did for him. Last month my children and I are memorized Psalm 23... and now we are going to learn about what God says true love is, and we will understand the stories of the patriarchs...and we will imprint the greatest commandment on our hearts...I am challenged to show them what a treasure their faith is and I will pray with all my heart that they truly own if for themselves...and be "ready" to live it out in such a way that as others cross their paths, they will be more “attracted” to that genuine faith in their hearts, than their game of tennis!

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